Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Movies and Books on Schizophrenia

If you are as into schizophrenia as I am, then you’ll want to eat up as much information about it as you can get your hands on.  For me, that usually comes in the forms of movies and books about schizophrenia.  There are plenty of movies out there, but as you probably already know from reading my site that my favorite is A Beautiful Mind.  It is about the mathematician named John Nash.  It has its exaggerations and what not because its supposed to help the viewer understand what a delusion and hallucination may be like, but it is still awesome with a great story line.
About books, I found a really neat book called The Three Christs of Ypsilanti that I enjoy.  It has the story of three different schizophrenic people who all think they are Jesus.  We know it’s technically impossible for three people to be one person, so they take all three of these people and put them in the same room to have conversation about their identities as a form of treatment.  It gets very interesting.
Of course, there are plenty of horror movies and other silly ones that don’t accurately portray schizophrenia and probably do more harm than good, but they are there and are entertaining anyways.  And of course there are tons of text books and other pop books all about schizophrenia.  Just head to a used book store and go to the psychology section and you’ll find plenty!

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