Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Schizophrenia Story

I don’t know a lot of schizophrenia stories, but I do know one pretty well.  This guy was a student at college and was in the math courses and wanted to be a mathematician.  His name was John Nash and this is his story.  I suppose it’s like any other story related to schizophrenia except he’s very famous because he invented something called Game Theory.  I don’t really understand game theory, but I know that John Nash came up with it and he might now have if he wasn’t schizophrenic.
John Nash eventually became a teacher at this college, and his schizophrenia was only getting worse.  He did manage to graduate and get a job there.  But started thinking that some communist group wanted him to teach them how to crack special government codes and stuff like that.  He ended up spending tons of time doing useless things like playing connect the dots with maps and newspapers.  He had some shed behind his house that he thought was full of special agents doing secret missions and other delusional stuff, but really he was just spending hours and hours in there alone going nuts.
His friends and family noticed that he was acting strange so they eventually told a doctor and he got the help he needed, including medicine, but sometimes he wouldn't take it and would see things like a little girl who wasn’t really there.  In the end it was a happy story and he was able to do good things for society, which is a good thing.

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