Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Online Schizophrenia Testing

There is no official way to find out if you have schizophrenia just by answering questions.  Every case is different for each person.  What someone might think is strange and delusional, like a belief in aliens and UFOs may not be strange for someone else.  Conspiracy and paranoia can be very normal and not be an indicator of schizophrenia.
But regardless we all like to take those online quizzes about symptoms to see how we are doing.  It’s just fun.  I’ve taken hundreds, to find out if I’m in love, depressed, what my horoscope is, what my personality type is, and all of those type quizzes.  The link above takes you to a fun test about schizophrenia to help you determine just how many symptoms you may or may not be showing and tells you if you might need treatment.  But you have to be honest when you answer them or it won’t matter.
Some people end up answering how they think they are supposed to answer, and many tests are designed to catch those type of people.  So just be honest because this test doesn’t report scores or even ask for your name.  It’s free and for fun only.  So no worries!

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